By William Shakespeare
Directed by Adam Nichols

2nd - 12th March 2005
Trestle Arts Base, St Albans







In a nightmarish post-apocalyptic world, traditional values and social structures have been turned on their heads...

Inside the mind of a master criminal
Staged on a slag heap, where the audience doesn’t just watch the tragedy unfold, they are part of it.

Reality or illusion?
A different breed of witch contrives to ensure that the croquet game, the tea party and Noel Coward’s greatest hits continue unchanged.

A different drum
The whole theatre becomes a musical instrument, from the piles of litter to the scattered cars from an era when the world had motor fuel.

Who has the right to rule?
Macbeth aims to rule by blood and cunning, but ultimately blood and cunning are not enough.

Mad Max meets Stomp
OVO’s latest Shakespearean explosion mixes film, music and live action to create an innovative, imaginative and inspiring act of theatre. Following the sellout success of the gangland Romeo and Juliet, and a drug fuelled As You Like It set in the summer of love, this is Macbeth as you’ve never seen it before.


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Scottish play is not the end of the world
10th March 2005

“David Widdowson is a confident Macbeth who dominates the stage every time he appears. Lisa White's Lady Macbeth is a fine match for him and the two give a highly-charged performance which is the backbone of the production.”

”Mark Baker as Banquo displays all the fear of a friend as he watches Macbeth fall under the spell of the witches' prophecies.”

“Alan Duncan gives a passion to Macduff which has been lacking in other productions I have seen.”

Wicked version of Macbeth this way comes
10th March 2005

“Lisa White was striking as Lady Macbeth.”

“David Widdowson’s portrayal of Macbeth as an everyman hit the right notes.”

“The eerie and unsettling atmosphere created by Director Adam Nichols fitted well and amplified the desolate and destructive nature of Macbeth’s downwardly spiraling journey.”

Award Winners

The Barnet Drama Festival 2005 results were announced on 4th June 2005 and OVO collected awards for “Most Ambitious Production” and “Best Supporting Actor” for Alan D Duncan’s portrayal of Macduff.

David Widdowson’s performance as Macbeth was nominated in the “Best Actor” category.


Witch, later disguised as Murderer - Linda Bagaini
Witch, later disguised as Murderer / Porter / Doctor - Anna MacLeod
Witch, later disguised as Murderer / Seyton - Howard Sallinger
Duncan - Richard Garrett
Malcolm - Tim Robinson
Donaldbain - Tobin Littleford
Ross - Edmund White
Lennox - Stuart Goaman
Angus - Brian Hunt
Macbeth - David Widdowson
Banquo - Mark Baker
Lady Macbeth - Lisa White
Young Woman - Jacqui Tomes
Macduff - Alan Duncan
Fleance - Oliver Widdowson
Lady Macduff - Jacqui Gray
Macduff’s son - Peter Alder
Siward - Paul Burton
Apparitions - Dan Schalimo, Howard Branch, Sue Dyson

Creative Team

Director – Adam Nichols
Assistant Director – Imogen de la Bere
Designer – Natalia Charogianni
Technical Director - David Palmer
Stage Manager – Judy Curd
Assistant Stage Manager – Stuart Jenkins
Scenic Artists - Katherine Belding, Natalia Charogianni, Tiggy Harding, Clare Myerscough, Claire Pinney
Costume Co-ordinator – Imogen de la Bere
Costumier – Alison Belding
Props Co-ordinator – Judy Curd
Film Director – Phil Summers
Music Composed and Performed by – Dez Board, David Wigram
Poster Artist – Ian Nichols
Poster and Programme Designer – Adam Nichols
Front of House Manager – Sarah Board
Bar Manager – Toby Nichols